Day 1

Spirit Calling: Road Trips & Soul Adventures

Welcome to our road trip! Today we journey through the opening and title track “All That Remains”. It is also the fourth (and final) single I released. I’ve included a video that gives you the story behind the song (below), lyrics, links to download and stream the studio version of the song, along with the acoustic demo. Make sure you scroll all the way down to find the bonus “snacks” for today’s ride.

Listen as you drive

all that remains
This song is all about pain, hurt, and darkness. And it’s where I began my journey. A journey of discovery, and a journey of removing those things that no longer served me. I’m so grateful to share this journey with you. Listen to this song however you please – you can download it, or stream it on your favorite platform. And then contrast it with the acoustic demo I’m including!

All That Remains – ALBUM

Eliza RushAll That Remains - ALBUM

All That Remains – DEMO

Eliza RushAll That Remains - DEMO

Who’s in the car with us?

Eliza Rush – acoustic guitar, vocals
Brook South – electric guitar
Josh Sceurman – bass
Richard Frikkers – drums

Snack Time!

The first time we ever played this song live, was pretty much the first time my crew had ever even heard this song. I just threw the charts at them and said “follow me” and we dove in! I’ve extracted the last minute and a half of a video from that first performance – the final chorus and outro. As you can see it has a jolly good feel to it! Happy go lucky, with a great groove. Contrast that to an audio excerpt of our live session in the studio (after playing it that same way live for over a year) of that same part of the song. I gave them the direction to play it a little more assertively. Aggressive. And holy heck did they deliver. I still love listening to this raw version from the studio before we added any other layers or production. I absolutely love the raw energy. I hope you enjoy it too.

All That Remains – Rough Mix (instrumental only)

Eliza RushAll That Remains - Instrumental Mix