Day 10

Spirit Calling: Road Trips & Soul Adventures

Today we are shining some light on my track “Fade Away”, which is also the 3rd single I released on the album. As usual, please enjoy the “behind the scenes” video, lyrics and links to download AND stream the studio version of the song, and the acoustic demo. And a snack, of course!

Listen as you drive

fade away

“Just like the star pales in the glow of the morning

Surrender your doubt and into the light give way

Set it all aside and I promise

Into the light it will all fade away”


Fear cannot exist in the light.  The light always reveals the truth, and that’s when the fear, and everything else, can finally fade away.  So often we are afraid of the truth, but it’s really the truth that can set us free.  I hope you enjoy this song that tries to capture the twinkling, sparkling light. Download, stream, or watch and listen on Youtube, and download the acoustic demo!

Fade Away – ALBUM

Eliza RushFade Away - ALBUM

Fade Away – DEMO

Eliza RushFade Away - DEMO
Fade away lyric tile

Who’s in the car with us?

Eliza Rush -acoustic guitar, vocals
Brook South – acoustic guitar
Wayne Bekcer – bass
Mike Wojik – percussion

Snack Time!

Today I’ve got the official lyric video to offer you. I hope it brings a sense of comfort and ease. Enjoy!