Day 2

Spirit Calling: Road Trips & Soul Adventures

Today we dive into track 2 – “She Walked Along”. I hope you enjoy my “story behind the song” video. And of course, I’m including lyrics and links to download and stream the studio version of the song, along with the acoustic demo. We’ve got some yummy snacks today too so be sure to keep scrolling down the page!

Listen as you drive


Along the way, while she was walking,

There were those she’d never known.

Side by side they started talking,

Hand in hand, they were not alone.


We are all on our own unique journey, but we are never truly alone. There are always people around us on their journeys too, and we’ll share a path for a little while. Thank you for sharing the path with me today! Listen to this song however you choose – you can download it, stream it, or watch and listen on Youtube! Don’t forget to check out the acoustic demo!

She Walked Along – ALBUM

Eliza RushShe Walked Along - ALBUM

She Walked Along – DEMO

Eliza RushShe Walked Along - DEMO
[zoomsounds_player songname="She Walked Along - DEMO" config="default-settings-for-zoomsounds" type="audio" dzsap_meta_source_attachment_id="787" source="https://elizarushmusic.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/She-Walked-Along-demo.mp3" autoplay="off" loop="off" play_in_footer_player="default" enable_download_button="off" enable_downloads_counter="off" download_custom_link_enable="off" open_in_ultibox="off"]

Who’s in the car with us?

Eliza Rush – acoustic guitar, vocals
Andrew Dunn – backing vocals
Brook South – electric guitar
Josh Sceurman – bass
Mike Wojik – drums, percussion

Snack Time!

Back in the spring of 2020 when we were all under quarantine, I ventured out into a field and made some music videos with my partner, Mike playing percussion. “She Walked Along” was still a ‘baby’ song for me, and it was exciting to record it on that beautiful day in April. (If you click through to YouTube you can also see the other videos we made that day in the field!)
I’m also linking the official lyric video for this song as well. I hope you enjoy these tasty snacks!