Day 5

Spirit Calling: Road Trips & Soul Adventures

On this stretch of our trip we talk a little about the arts of letting go and allowing ourselves to receive as we look into “Another Time & Place”. I share some great stories in this “talking head” video. As usual, you’ll also find the lyrics and links to download the studio version of the song, along with the acoustic demo. Today’s snack is another delicious one…

Listen as you drive

The night is here to stay again, I close my eyes so I can see

And in the darkness I befriend all the things that aren’t,

What I thought they should be


Sometimes, a song falls to you in a space where you might not be so ready for it but you allow for it anyway. And one of the perks of letting it be received are the opportunities that may not be clear at the time.


I’m so glad you are still in the passenger seat with me.   I absolutely loved recording this track and I hope you enjoy it too – for download only as it’s not been released for streaming yet! And Compare and contrast with the original, acoustic demo!

Another Time & Place – ALBUM

Eliza RushAnother Time & Place - ALBUM

Another Time & Place – DEMO

Eliza RushAnother Time & Place - DEMO
another time & Place lyric tile

Who’s in the car with us?

Eliza Rush – keyboard, vocals
Joe Battaglia – guitar
Roy Cumming – upright bass
Rudy Petschauer – drums
James Supra – harmonica

Snack Time!

We recorded this one “live” in the studio – after only meeting 10 minutes beforehand. It was such a “yummy” experience to play with these legit Jazz musicians. I’m including an instrumental only audio clip from the studio. Enjoy!
Eliza RushAnother Time & Place - Instrumental