Day 6

Spirit Calling: Road Trips & Soul Adventures

Day 6 – halfway there already! Today we look into my song “Come This Far”. This song went through some major overhauls – you’ll get the scoop in the “talking head” video.
And of course, you’ll also find the lyrics and links to download the studio version of the song, along with the acoustic demo. Today’s snack is … well… unexpected!

Listen as you drive

I didn’t come this far to only come this far

I am not thrown into the fire, oh, I AM the fire

Standing in the ashes of who I used to be


Our growth lies in overcoming what seems impossible at the moment.  Sometimes it takes “less opera and more street”, and other times, it’s just the opposite. But you have whatever it takes within to define your own way. Even if it doesn’t look or sound like what “they” all say it should.


Hang on for the ride.  Enjoy this track –  for download only as it’s not been released for streaming yet!  Also listen to it in it’s original, acoustic demo form!

Come This Far – ALBUM

Eliza RushCome This Far - ALBUM

Come This Far – DEMO

Eliza RushCome This Far - DEMO
Come this far lyric Tile

Who’s in the car with us?

Eliza Rush -acoustic guitar, vocals
Brook South – electric guitar
Josh Sceurman – bass
Kevin Soffera – drums
Wayne Becker – synth

Snack Time!

During the “rethinking” phase of this song (when we had removed the original drum track), I sat down with my guitar and “noodled” along with this song – and it sounded pretty darned cool. I’m not sure anybody has heard this before – but I decided to share it here!
Eliza RushCome This Far - Noodling