Day 7

Spirit Calling: Road Trips & Soul Adventures

Ah… track 7 – “Let Me In”. The track that almost wasn’t. There were a few in this process that didn’t seem to want to be recorded but this one was the toughest. Check out the talking head video for the full scoop. Lyrics and links to download the studio version of the song, and the acoustic demo are below. And it wouldn’t be a day in the car without a snack either!

Listen as you drive

Until one day you wake up and take a look around

And you regret the love you never found


Ah, frustration.  I’m quite familiar with it.  This song came from a place of desperately wanting to feel a connection, and the frustration that came when it didn’t happen the way I wanted it to. And then the frustration that went into getting this track recorded the way it “needed” to be…. I’m genuinely surprised it made it! But I’m thrilled with the result and I hope you are too.   Enjoy  –  for download only as it’s not been released for streaming yet! And enjoy the acoustic demo.

Let Me In – ALBUM

Eliza RushLet Me In - ALBUM

Let Me In- DEMO

Eliza RushLet Me In - DEMO
Let Me in Lyric Tile

Who’s in the car with us?

Eliza Rush -acoustic guitar, vocals, shaker
Brook South – electric guitar
Wayne Becker – bass
Mike Wojik – djembe

Snack Time!

I sprung this song on Brook, my guitarist, one afternoon when we got together to make a video of an entirely different song. I had literally written it the night before. After we made the other video I said “hang on, sit back down we’re doing something else”. It was the first time I’d ever really played and sung through it and his only job was to listen and “noodle” – something he does extremely well. This is how this song was born and how we play it out live. In the studio we ended up with something that feels quite different – and that’s cool too. I hope you enjoy this early rendition.