Day 8

Spirit Calling: Road Trips & Soul Adventures

Today, we stretch our legs and walk while we examine my song “Daughter of the Sun”. The “behind the scenes” video explains it all. And of course, lyrics and links to download the studio version of the song, and the acoustic demo are below. And I’ve got another yummy snack today too!

Listen as you drive

I hear the cry of my heart

A song of healing, a song of love

I breathe them in, I look to sky

Daughter of the Sun, surrender to the one



Healing.  Love.  Breath.  Surrender.  Free.  What’s not to love?  Connecting back to our essence.  That’s what this song is all about, and it was pivotal for me in my songwriting journey.  I hope you find inspiration and enjoy  –  for download only as it’s not been released for streaming yet!  Don’t forget about the acoustic demo!

Daughter of the Sun – ALBUM

Eliza RushDaughter of the Sun - ALBUM

Daughter of the Sun – DEMO

Eliza RushDaughter of the Sun - DEMO
daughter of the sun tile lyric

Who’s in the car with us?

Eliza Rush -acoustic guitar, vocals
Rosalie Keddington – violin
Mike Wojik – djembe, shaker

Snack Time!

If you watched the talking head video, you know that I got my first tattoo and it was inspired by this song. It only felt right to go out into a field afterwards and record a video of the song – just me, my guitar, and the field.