Day 9

Spirit Calling: Road Trips & Soul Adventures

We’re driving through a bit of rain today while we dig into the 9th track “Worthy”. It’s also the first single I released from the album. As usual, please enjoy the “behind the scenes” video, lyrics and links to download AND stream the studio version of the song, and the acoustic demo. And I think today might be my favorite pit stop/snacks of the entire trip!

Listen as you drive


You are worthy of being loved

Stand in the light of your love”


This song was born with just those two lines, and those two melodies.  And I heard them intertwined from the very beginning.  Not only musically – but ideologically as well.  You are worthy of all good things – especially being loved – and for me, I had to learn to stand in the light of that love.  To love and accept myself in order to receive all the graces around me.  Graces, I learned, that are always there and always available – as long as I am able to receive them.   I am filled with gratitude that you are continuing this journey with me, and I hope you love this song as much as I do.  That mandolin intro tickles my soul every time I hear it.  The Holmes Family makes my heart soar when they start to sing behind me.  Download, stream, or watch and listen on Youtube.   And don’t forget the acoustic demo!

Worthy – ALBUM

Eliza RushWorthy - ALBUM

Worthy – DEMO

Eliza RushWorthy - Demo
worthy lyric tile

Who’s in the car with us?

Eliza Rush -acoustic guitar, vocals
Brook South – acoustic guitar
Wayne Fugate – mandolin
Josh Sceurman – bass
Mike Wojik – percussion
Dr. Rev. Holmes, Ian Shelly Holmes II, Kari Holmes, Kimberly Holmes – backing vocals

Snack Time!

So many treats today!  And I’m serving up the best first!  When we brought the Holmes family into the studio to track the backing vocals, their energy was infectious.  Their spirits were so beautiful and pure and I *wished* that I was singing with them live.  I wanted my voice and energy to mix with theirs in real time.  But alas, that’s not the way it happened.  That time. When I decided to do this online album experience, I knew *exactly* what I wanted to do for exclusive bonus content for this track – I wanted to put us all in the same room – and sing this song together – while making a video.  So that’s exactly what we did.   Let me tell you – I never wanted this day to end.  It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, and I hope you feel that as you watch and listen.  


Also for your viewing pleasure is the official lyric video to this song.  




And one more tasty treat – just before this song was released I had a series of conversations with an old friend of mine – Brian Morgan – and we talked about all sorts of things related to this song.  More of a deep dive if you will.  We video’d the conversations and they became a 5 part series.  I thoroughly enjoyed Brian’s thought-provoking questions and I hope you enjoy this series.