There You Were

by Eliza Rush

From the recording All That Remains

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Lead Vocals and Acoustic Guitar: Eliza Rush
Electric Guitar: Brook South
Bass: Josh Sceurman
Drums: Richard Frikkers
Percussion: Mike Wojik
Duet Vocals: Jason Ruff
Backing Vocals: Andrew Dunn


I wandered along, down by the river
For to ease my aching heart
Even in the warmth, I felt a shiver
As my world was torn apart

Shattered and longing for redemption
All my desires were just a blur.
Haunted by the fear of my transgression,
I closed my eyes and there you were.

Here in my dreams, you’re like an angel,
Turning shadows into light.
I see your beauty, and I’m hopeful
That the end, we can re-write

To release me from the heartache
I never thought it would occur
Spent so much time looking for an escape
Finally turned, and there you were.

Now by my side, for the journey
I only hoped it could be true.
You were always here, and i am learning
To trust the dream - and see it through.

Delight in the joy of this devotion
Promise of a love that can endure
Steady and strong, always in motion
I reached for your hand, and there you were.


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