Let Me In

by Eliza Rush

From the recording All That Remains

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Vocals, Acoustic Guitar: Eliza Rush
Electric Guitar: Brook South
Bass: Wayne Becker
Djembe: Mike Wojik
Percussion: Eliza Rush


I see you in there
Behind your bright eyes
And irresistible smile

I see the wall
You have carefully built
To preserve your heart
At least for awhile.

Until one day
You wake up and take a look around
And you regret the love you never found.

I'm asking you to let me in
Or let me go.

Just let me in,
Or let me go.

I know what it’s like
I have borne the pain
And felt my spirit being torn apart.

Still i ache to be near you
To be close enough to feel your breath
To feel the beating of your heart.

I want to know what you know
And I wanna hold your hand

I want to go where you go,
Take me to the promised land.

I need you to
Let me in
Or let me go

Baby just let me in
Or let me go.

I don’t want to fall in love again
Oh fall in love, just to be alone
But if I fall in love again,
Oh fall in love, I could love you.

I want to fall in love again,
Oh fall in love, in love with you.

I want to fall in love
I wanna love you, I wanna love you.

So let me in,
Or let me go.
Please baby just let me in,
Or let me go.

If you can’t let me in,
I’m gonna have to let you go.

So please just let me in,
'cause I don’t wanna go.

Oh... let me in or let me go.

  •   Eliza is the consummate professional and musician. She has an amazingly beautiful voice that somehow translates to folk, pop, country and contemporary music equally well. She’s also along with her band and amazing value and can entertain a variety of audiences, young and old. I can’t recommend her more highly.

    James B.

  •   They were very professional! And did an amazing job playing to the crowd. Would highly recommend looking for great live music!!

    Dominique R.

  •   Eliza has been a great pleasure to work with! Her musical abilities are polished and professional and she adds so much to the restaurant's atmosphere!

    Patrick C.

  •   Eliza and her team always provide outstanding quality performances.

    Andrew D.

  •   I recently had the pleasure of having Eliza Rush (and band) perform at my wife’s surprise 60th birthday party at a pavilion behind our house. I must say, they were absolutely fantastic! Their sound quality was top-notch, making it feel like we had our private concert right in our backyard. What truly stood out was their professionalism. They arrived on time, set up efficiently, and engaged with the guests in a friendly and courteous manner. It felt as if they were part of the celebration, which added a personal touch to the performance. Eliza developed a playlist to match the crowd’s vibe, ensuring everyone had a great time. Communication throughout the entire process was smooth and hassle-free. Eliza Rush (and band) exceeded all expectations and made my wife's birthday party an unforgettable event. I highly recommend them for any occasion where you want exceptional music and a professional, accommodating, and talented band.

    Dino A.


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