Let’s go on a road trip together!

Go behind the scenes of my latest album and discover what inspired each song.

The message behind every lyric. The creation process and more…

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You will receive the download to a new song every day from my debut album “All That Remains” and the written lyrics.

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You will get a video explaining the backstory and behind the scenes anecdotes for each of the songs! Some songs will have lyric videos and bonus video and audio content never seen before!

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You will get the exclusive acoustic demo version of each track – the original “baby” version of the song before I took it to the studio!

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You will also get access to 2 special one-time only live streamed events throughout the experience!

Take a trip with me!

A lot of musicians write some songs, upload them to streaming platforms, and then move on with their day. There’s no real dialogue around the meaning behind the lyrics, or the sharing of personal stories that inspired the songs.

For me, music is all about connection.

That’s why I’ve created this “road trip” for you to experience my album “All That Remains” – it’s so much more than a regular release.

I’m tearing down the walls that are usually between artists and listeners.  Because, let’s face it – we’re all artists in our own ways. Whether you use a guitar, a pen, or the way that you love those who are close to you.

And that’s why I want to bring us together in this virtual experience called “Spirit Calling – Road Trips and Soul Adventures”

This album has 11 original songs that were inspired by my personal experiences of growth and discovery, and the joy of coming out on the other side as a better person, better equipped to create the life I want for myself – and now I want to share them all with you for FREE as part of an interactive, online experience.

Each day I”ll share music, stories and bonus content about the background and inspiration for lyrics, music, and special behind the scenes insights in the making of “All That Remains” – my debut album.

Maybe this will inspire you to pick up that pen, guitar, paintbrush or walking stick, and create the experiences you dream about too. Maybe you will find the courage to ruthlessly create the life you’ve always wanted.

Either way – it sounds pretty awesome


Yes, you. Call shotgun before it’s too late.
You’re one of the few people who made it this far down the page.
You’re an avid reader. Just like I am.
And you’re obviously interested in new music, community, and self-exploration through creativity.

So click the button and come on this journey with me.

And that’s why I want to bring us together in this virtual experience called “Spirit Calling – Road Trips and Soul Adventures”